Julia has 15+ years of experience with storytelling. First as a documentary filmmaker and producer. For SARA and SURFNET she created short filmstories on scientific research. Bringing in story into these films made them not only filled with information, but also understandable and likeable.
Later as an Educational Curriculum Developer for RNTC, she trained journalists and media activists on using Digital media and the power of stories in campaigns and other outlets.
Third, in the Netherlands she trained young business developers at BIF and master students at UvA University in stories to persuade, convince and make an impact by creating positive change.

Story-listening; how stories can help policy-makers to take the right decisions based on real- and fake stories and to know the difference between them. During the workshops we work on strategies to build persuasive and pro-active policies, based on citizens stories. Because the decisions made, will have a day to day impact on their daily lives!